Company Information

Tube Tech’s prime objective is to provide you with proven research driven, high tech cleaning and inspection services to solve your most difficult cleaning challenges.

We assure you – our approach will achieve “spectacular” savings site wide.


We are constantly developing tried and tested, step change methods to solve your most difficult cleaning challenges across the world.  For over 25 years the company has been providing simultaneous cleaning and inspection services for static heat transfer plant, providing significant savings to clients by reducing downtime, reducing CO2 emissions, increasing throughput and improving safety standards.

Tube Tech stocks over 50 different cleaning systems and is able to comfortably advise any client as to the pros and cons of these systems i.e. what they can do and what they cannot do. This makes the decision of clients that much easier.

“Robotic”, “Remote”, “In-Situ” and “Live-During Full Production” cleaning services are just an example of the unique benefits available to Tube Tech’s clients.

The Industry

Traditional water jetting equipment does not access and cannot clean all areas of your static heat transfer equipment. This means that your coked-up heat exchangers, for example, will have all been returned to service in some form of semi fouled condition. You can expect the hydrocarbons to harden over time, resulting in quicker fouling of the exchangers, hot spots and under scale corrosion risk increases not to mention the increased fuel usage and corresponding CO2 emissions.

Most heavy industrial plants continue to be built using 80 year old, shell and tube heat exchanger designs and are cleaned using 80 year old water jet and chemical principals, all applied using the philosophy of “…it’s been done this way for so long, it works, why change?”

Tube Tech believes that 90% + of all exchangers go back into service with fouling remaining both tube and shell side – Imagine the refineries’ production losses and asset life issues.

It is clear that current out of date technologies, local sub-standard cleaning techniques, training and mind sets are a root cause of negative commercial, safety and environmental impacts.

This situation needs to change.

– Tube Tech International is recognised as the Game Changer