Innovation & Expertise

The Game Changer

Tube Tech International is not a traditional, conventional cleaning contractor. We are here to not just make a big difference but a “spectacular” difference compared with what everyone has done before. So if a contractor has taken 10 days to clean something and it’s costing your company US$1million a day, we would aim to complete this contract in two days – saving you US$8 million. The technology we bring along is a big game changer because the savings are that “spectacular”.

Tube Tech International has witnessed first-hand the substantial losses heavy industrial clients suffer from the inability to clean heat transfer and process plants during daily and shutdown events.

Tube Tech International specialises in cleaning the impossible, critical path plant, where others have tried and failed or where new technology needs to be invented to solve a particular issue.

Research & Design

Tube Tech continuously invest in research and development to discover new and better methods for cleaning static heat transfer equipment within all heavy industrial sectors. We have access to 50+ different cleaning technologies and techniques.

Cleaning AND Inspection

Tube Tech International is believed to be the only cleaning and inspection service provider to provide a simultaneous cleaning and inspection service. All too often, a cleaning contractor will come to a site and clean with high pressure jetting, chemicals etc and they will then leave the site or move to another part of the plant. The inspector will come in the next day or the next week even, use an inspection probe and try to inspect the integrity of the tube but cannot get the probe down because the tube is not clean enough. The client fights to get the cleaning contractor back by which time it is too late as the equipment is now on the critical path and the plant is haemorrhaging money. That is why we specialise in doing simultaneous cleaning and inspection.

Attention to Detail

Tube Tech continually invests in state of the art IT and administration systems to ensure accurate recording of contractual information leaving nothing to chance. You will get a solution.


What other contractor comes back to you and says this was how it was done, these are things we could improve and these are the things you could improve? With feedback and data of this quality, you can learn from your experience to make a big step change next time around.

Rapid Mobilisation

If your problem is critical we will mobilise straight away. We have been known to mobilise four Boeing 747’s and 50 personnel within 72 hours to get to critical path overseas contracts. Within the UK and close mainland Europe for example, we can often mobilise the
same day.