Oil and Gas Offshore

Worldwide cleaning coverage for the offshore industry

The offshore oil and gas industry is more closely scrutinised for its environmental and safety practises than any other industrial sector. By providing many unique in situ offshore cleaning services, Tube Tech is working with the sector to maintain the highest levels of offshore cleaning safety and to ensure that plant is unblocked, descaled or cleaned to standards that are suitable for integrity inspections.

Offshore installations are often in the world’s most remote and challenging environments. Every Tube Tech operative has the necessary accreditation for offshore working and can be on-site anywhere in the world in 72 hours.

Our oil and gas offshore cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning suitable for internal rotary inspection system assessment
  • Waste heat recovery unit and hot oil heater cleaning
  • Crude heater tubes cleaning
  • Compressor, inter cooler and after cooler, cleaning
  • U tube (hairpin) exchanger cleaning
  • Heat exchanger tube cleaning
  • Cold cutting

The Tube Tech difference

Tube Tech is equipped with the technologies and techniques to clean in situ at customers’ offshore locations. We have offshore (offshore safety induction and emergency training) trained operatives plus operatives with specialist hydrogen sulphide accreditations. Perhaps most importantly for the offshore sector, we offer a rapid, emergency response service that will help operators minimise lost time and production.