Working for continuous improvements in refinery cleaning

Tube Tech tackles the pharmaceutical industry’s most challenging cleaning jobs with the highest possible assurance of success. We offer specialist cleaning techniques that meet the demanding cleaning performance standards required by the sector. These techniques include low-water and zero-waste systems, such as dry ice, laser and our proprietary Rotaflex dry rotating brush system.

Our services to the refining industry include cleaning of:

Spray dryers



Mixer vessels and reactors

Glass lined vessels


Heat exchangers and chillders


Compressors (intercoolers and aftercoolers)


We also provide:

Low-water and zero-waste cleaning systems

On-site and off-site services available

Remote tank and vessel cleaning systems

Safe systems of work

The Tube Tech difference

Tube Tech provides low-water and zero-waste cleaning systems and comprehensive options for on-and off-site cleaning. Pharmaceutical sector customers can choose remote tank and vessel cleaning systems and be sure that all cleaning projects will be conducted using Tube Tech’s safe systems of work and with minimised plant downtime.