Industrial Cleaning Product Sales

For more than 25 years, Tube Tech has been researching, designing and developing new cleaning systems that improve on traditional cleaning practices. We can now provide more than 50 unique cleaning systems to our clients.

Some of the inventive solutions we have devised have gone on to become saleable products. In 1999, for example, we developed the Rotaflex flour mill spout cleaning system. Originally designed as a services contract machine to clean flour spouts in grain mills, it reduced the time to clean an entire mill to just eight hours. Millers quickly appreciated its value and wanted to buy one for use in their mills. Consequently, Rotaflex is now sold across the world; its success prompted us to set up our product sales division.

Our research and development team continues to develop new products that will be made available to clients. The most recent of these developments is the FINbrite – a revolutionary new semi-automated, in-place cleaning system for air cooled heat exchangers, air cooled condensers, fin fan heat exchangers and overhead condensers.

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The Rotaflex Mill Spout Cleaning System is a robust and lightweight cleaning system which can easily be operated by one man.