Flare Line Cleaning

Tube Tech’s research and development department have developed unique systems to clean flare lines in situ and on-line, providing clients with the opportunity to clean flare lines at their own convenience.

Tube Tech has developed a bespoke seal to cope with temperatures and pressures inside flare lines, preventing oxygen and spark ingress and the escape of toxic gases. Cleaning is then carried out using high-pressure jetting lances designed to be heat and scratch resistant when fed into small entry points on the flare line.

Tube Tech also uses intrinsically-safe video probes for visual inspection to take digital images before and after cleaning.

Tube Tech maintains a considerable digital video archive of information and knowledge on flare line cleaning. This means we can demonstrate our ability to clean flare lines in situ and on-line anywhere in the world.

Please contact Tube Tech to learn more about on-line flare line cleaning.