Heat Exchangers

Cleaning and Inspecting All Kinds of Heat Exchangers.

With its ability to offer simultaneous cleaning and inspection of heat exchangers Tube Tech has developed a world renowned ability to solve cleaning challenges which are often deemed as impossible. Tube Tech’s innovative ‘can do’ approach is combined with its consummate professionalism and safety awareness to provide you with the best level of customer service in the world of specialist industrial cleaning.

From furfural heat exchangers to waste heat recovery units (WHRU) and vertical combined feed exchanger (VCFE/Texas Tower) cleaningTube Tech is a world leader in heat exchanger cleaning. Constantly aware of the need to work quickly and safely Tube Tech’s 20 years of experience means that it can clean your heat exchanger equipment to a higher standard than local traditional contractors.

Recent contracts in which we have proved our ability to solve seemingly impossible cleaning challenges include:

  • Aluminium tubed furfural heat exchanger cleaning – removing tenacious coke scale from within the tubes IN SITU using a three-stage process involving a sensitive mechanical hairpin heat exchanger cleaning device coupled with exceptionally low volume water.
  • Crude U-Tube heat exchanger cleaning – removing hard coke and oily/wax sludge from seven metre long hairpin heat exchangers in two days compared to the six days taken by traditional water jetting contractors.
  • FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) Unit heat exchanger cleaning – IN SITU cleaning using innovative FlexiFeed system reduces cleaning downtime from three days to three hours and also reduces carbon emissions.
  • Titanium U-Tube Hairpin) heat exchanger cleaning – solidly blocked hairpins cleaned using bespoke U Tube (Hairpin) heat exchanger cleaning technology with no damage to fragile titanium tubes.
  • Crude heat exchanger cleaning – tubes severely fouled with heavy crude cleaned back to bare metal using multi-lance three stage lancing system.
  • Crude Trane U-Tube heat exchanger cleaning – hairpin tubes cleaned back to bare metal in five hours using an innovative three-stage method.

Tube Tech acknowledges that heat exchangers are the unsung heroes of many industrial processes – when their performance starts to deteriorate you need to speak to a professional and experienced specialist cleaning contractor.

To find out more about Tube Tech’s heat exchanger cleaning and inspection expertise please review the impressive list of heat exchanger case studies, or contact us.