Furnace Cleaning

Tube Tech has developed revolutionary furnace cleaning systems which can unblock certain types of blocked furnaces both in situ and even online!

The traditional method of cleaning furnaces with minimal scale is to use a steam-air decoking or spalling procedure. This method is occasionally successful but only in furnaces with a thin build up and small amounts of scale.

A better alternative and one commonly used to clean more heavily coked furnaces is the use of studded pigs which are propelled through the furnace using a high volume of water. The stud encrusted pigs are sized depending on the diameter of furnace tubes and the thickness of the carbonised coke scale. When the pigs are propelled through the furnace tubes, they scrape and score the scale thereby splitting it from its hold on the pipe wall inside of the furnace tubes.

When furnaces are so heavily coked up or are completely blocked with no passageway at all and effectively unpiggable with stud pigs and where steam air decoking / spalling fails then Tube Tech’s emergency cleaning service is the solution to turn to. Tube Tech has developed a revolutionary furnace cleaning system which can unblock certain types of blocked furnaces both in situ and even on-line!

Once decoked and cleaned there is often the need to inspect the integrity of the tube wall. This is done using either a tethered CCTV or ultrasound inspection crawler. The latest technology allows an inspection pig to swim around the furnace tubes without a tethered power cable.

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