Fin Fan Cleaning

Tube Tech provide fin fan cleaning from the gantry level so there is no need for rope, wire, scaffold or safety harnesses. There is no damage to the fins. The fin fan unit is cleaned inside and outside and is 100% clean all within a few days.

The most impressive difference noticed by many of Tube Tech’s clients is the power gain following an effective fin fan clean – ranging from 2.75 to 5MW.

By their very design fin fan radiator sets are liable to atmospheric fouling and should a power station be positioned near to agricultural land or other heavy industrial plants then fouling can quickly become blockages within the fin fan units.

Ensuring that your fin fans are running efficiently means that the rest of your plant system can perform effectively.

Tube Tech uses excellent methods and is a resourceful contractor. Tube Tech appreciates the value of time and will work with you to ensure that fin fan downtime is minimised and production throughput is improved.

Using traditional contractors for fin fan cleaning will no doubt involve rope or wire access, safety harnesses and scaffolding. All of these applications can be highly dangerous. High pressure jetting can distort the aluminium fins, the deposit can become compacted and you will usually only receive 80% cleanliness. These traditional fin fan cleaning methods can also take up to 28 days to clean a whole set of fin fans.

Contact Tube Tech to find out more about its unique fin fan cleaning service.