Evaporator Cleaning

Tube Tech successfully cleans evaporators in food processing and chemical plants with highly innovative methods – FastIce and the remote jeTTdrill among others.

Tube Tech’s cleaning methods allow access from above or below the evaporator tube face to:

  • Facilitate access to confined spaces.
  • Clean and clear even the most severe blockages.
  • Eliminate risk during the maintenance procedure.
  • Reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Contain waste and prevent contamination.

Always looking for new solutions to customer problems Tube Tech rarely settles for the obvious solution. The speed, safety and efficiency of Tube Tech’s techniques reduce operating costs and improve efficiency as standard.

FastIce Evaporator Cleaning System

Between five to ten times faster than normal dry ice cleaning, the FastIce system fires a combination of frozen carbon dioxide and atomized food grade abrasive over the surface of the evaporator blockage using percussive compressed air ejectors. This eliminates any waste, avoids high pressure water hydraulic action without damaging the tube wall.

The FastIce and jetTTdrill techniques have been well proven in the dairy, printing, petrochemical and refining industries.

Please contact us to find out more about our Evaporator tube cleaning service and how we can help your business clear blockages, reduce costs and prevent contamination.