Historic Buildings

The ability to remove contaminants from substrates without damaging the surface make laser cleaning an ideal solution for cleaning historic buildings and other conservation projects.

The Tube Tech laser cleaning system is at least five times faster than any other system available worldwide. Tube Tech’s highly skilled and experienced operators are sensitive to the requirements of historic buildings, aware of the restrictions on graded buildings and committed to working safely at all times.

The power levels of the Tube Tech laser cleaning system allows a cost effective use of laser technology to conserve large objects such as buildings or large sculptures. The system can be used to remove oxides from bronze statues and other metal objects, to clean marble sculptures and remove graffiti from a variety of surfaces.

Many historic buildings are open to the public and we are able to work during opening hours as the laser cleaning system is quiet and environmentally safe or during the night depending on our clients’ requirements. Tube Tech has invented a number of unique scaffolding systems ideally suited to the idiosyncrasies of historic buildings including small access points, uneven walls and decorative flooring.

Having worked in some of the worlds most closely monitored historic buildings Tube Tech is the first choice cleaning contractor for those looking to quickly and cost effectively laser clean a historic building or monument.

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