It is not just historic buildings that benefit from laser cleaning. Even modern buildings can be negatively affected by environmental pollutants and effective cleaning is not only important for aesthetics but also for the future successful maintenance of the structure.

Tube Tech can offer over 43 different unique cleaning systems and its operatives are experts in facade cleaning. We offer a unique remote facade cleaning system which negates the need for expensive scaffolding.

Our unique self-sufficient facade maintenance robot system can perform cleaning or inspection tasks on large multi-storey buildings with fully enclosed glass facades. With its novel drive concept no safeguard ropes or cable systems are needed as energy and utility supply is realized by service stations attached to the building frame construction.

Complete glass facades as well as the integration of solar panels into the facade of high office or residential buildings remain a popular architectural trend. The regular cleaning and maintenance of such surfaces is quite difficult. However, Tube Tech’s unmanned robotic system is up to the challenge – it self-guides along the glass surface and can even move across overhanging facades.

Tube Tech can adapt the robotic system to deep clean buildings by laser which, in addition to negating the need for scaffolding, means that multi storey buildings can be cleaned without restrictions on pedestrian or motor traffic.

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