Drain Contract – Collapsed Plastic Pipe Liner Removed From Domestic Sewer Pipe

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Traffic problems avoided thanks to fast removal of pipe liner

As specialist partner to Dyno Rod, the UK’s leading drain contractor, Tube Tech was the ideal choice when a plastic pipe liner collapsed inside a clay domestic sewer pipe. The liner was blocking a domestic sewer outside a house on a main road and needed immediate removal in order to avoid road works.


  • The clay and cast iron sewage pipe was lined with a plastic pipe liner which had collapsed close to homes on a busy main road in an Essex town.
  • Dyno Rod knew immediately that the task was beyond their traditional capabilities.
  • Access to the liner was restricted as the liner was 1.2 meters below ground via a 450 x 450 manhole and an old lead main water pipe ran across the hole which narrowed at the bottom of the pipe face.
  • Without the specialist skills of Tube Tech over 7m of sewer pipe would have been dug up.
  • This would have meant re-housing at least one family and causing severe inconvenience to other residents.
  • The sewage pipe located under a concrete drive was built over the edge of the River Crouch.
  • If the pipe had needed removal then the Environment Agency and the County Council would have become involved due to the risk of raw sewage going into the river.
  • In addition major disruption would have been caused by working on the main road.


  • The drain was cleared first in order to inspect the liner as the entrance to the pipe had collapsed.
  • Tube Tech was soon able to video the pipe condition to ascertain the location of the liner.
  • Using a variable flow/pressure pump that used food grade media in the water flow Tube Tech were able to break up the plastic pipe liner and clear the sewage line in less than a day without remedial damage.
  • Only a domestic water supply was available but Tube Tech were still able to complete their contract quickly and effectively.

Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, Technical Sales Manager: “Once again our investment in R&D has helped our clients. Our safe approach using a food grade blast media has been used in many unusual and delicate circumstances and is ideally suited to the removal of plastic pipe liners.”

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