Vessel Silo – Remote Jetting & Cutting Arm Removes 10 tonne of Solidified Mass from Silo

Silo was put back into operation immediately after Tube Tech clean Silo deposits removed by remote vessel cleaning remote jetting Morning cleaning information

Remote technology overcomes safety risks

Many of the contracts won by Tube Tech require a completely different approach. In some instances the work has to be done remotely for safety reasons. This site, the chemical branch of the Total Oil Company produces, among other polymer products, polystyrene granules.


  • A chemical reaction within polystyrene pellets stored in a silo at the plane had resulted in them fusing into a solidified mass weighing more than 10 tons.
  • Being housed in a conical section of the silo, the solid tower of pellets was unstable and precariously situated.
  • Entry to the vessel was limited and the possibility of a sudden movement as the polymer was broken up would have been an unsafe working environment for the Tube Tech team.


  • Tube Tech devised a bespoke solution using a WysperJet cutting pump with a remote telescopic jetting arm.
  • Tube Tech operators could break up the polystyrene ball in safety from outside the silo, working through a 60cm man way.

Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson of Tube Tech said: “Traditional methods would have required vessel entry which was too great a risk. The remote jetting and cutting arm meant the team could work safely via the man way. It was a successful approach and the obstruction within the silo was cleared enabling our client to use the vessel again with no incidents.”
The Engineering Manager, said: “I was very pleased with the innovative approach to safety and the end result achieved by Tube Tech. The silo was emptied of the material which had been suspected to have cross linked and a reaction carried on.”

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