Heat Exchanger Blocked With Solid Chocolate

Shell and tube heat exchanger Morning cleaning information

Efficiency of heat exchanger improved despite positional problems

The maker of world-famous confectionery brand names asked Tube Tech to solve the problem of a blocked heat exchanger at its production plant in England.


  • A shell and tube heat exchanger which has chocolate running through the tube side had become blocked.
  • Solidified chocolate was affecting the performance of the heat exchanger, reducing the throughput.
  • The position of the heat exchanger in the centre of the plant offered special challenges for the Tube Tech team.
  • Other equipment nearby and the distance from services such as water meant the cleaning team could not use conventional jetting systems.


  • With the positional problem preventing water jetting Tube Tech had to rethink the solution and opted for the SafeDrill system to clear the hardened chocolate but with only a minimal water flush.
  • The Tube Tech team efficiently cleared the problem with little disruption to the regular workings of the confectionery factory.
  • The decision to use the SafeDrill system meant less Tube Tech equipment being brought into the factory.
  • Finally the tubes were polished by Tube Tech’s Rotaflex system.
  • The cleaning and polishing of the heat exchanger improved efficiency and achieved a greater throughput of chocolate.

Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, Technical Sales Manager: “The fact that the heat exchanger was in the centre of the plant prevented us using the conventional jetting method and we had to make special arrangements to capture the chocolate waste which was drilled out.”

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