Tank Filled with Starch Cleaned Back to Production Standard

Thickness of deposit is clearly evident Tank interior - the large mass in center is the agitator The interior of the tank after three drops of the Tube Tech system Tank interior after clean Morning cleaning information

Remote and semi remote PlaneTT™ system archives bare metal finish

A private family owned business specialising in starch and starch derivatives contacted Tube Tech to request an internal tank clean where access was restricted. The company had used Tube Tech services in the past and knew that the contract would be completed safely, quickly and cost effectively.


  • The contaminated tank had a lot of debris stuck to its walls and to the base.
  • The agitator within the tank was also completely covered in the debris as was the heating coil at the bottom of the tank.
  • Due to the unstable nature of the debris it was essential that the clean was performed remotely and the client was looking to remove the bulk of the debris and return the tank to production standard.
  • The client had in the past used traditional industrial cleaning contractors who would use man entry techniques with water jetting to manually remove the debris; this proves very hazardous in a tank environment with very unstable debris, safety has to be of the highest importance.


  • Excellent communication prior to arrival on site meant that the Tube Tech operatives could begin work as soon as meetings/inductions with the plant supervisor and health and safety officer were completed.
  • Access was limited however the Tube Tech team used a remote and semi remote planeTT system which was able to remove the debris and produce a bare metal finish.
  • Running the system vertically for twenty minute cycles the debris was removed from the walls in small pieces which fell to the base of the tank.
  • The cycle was increased as the system reached the bottom of the tank as the debris layer here was thicker than at the top of the tank.
  • The clients own staff removed the debris which had been released from the bottom of the tank and had gathered underneath the tank while the Tube Tech team rigged up surface prep equipment to complete the job.
  • The head of the planeTT system needed to be repositioned to clean around the heating coil and the agitator as these sections required a more intricate clean than was needed on the tank walls.
  • Once it was deemed safe by both the Tube Tech team and the clients representative the Tube Tech operatives entered the tank to remove the final pieces of debris and to complete a thorough inspection.

Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, Sales Manager: “We were delighted to be asked to assist this client once again and really pleased to have brought the tank back to bare metal. Our team worked exceptionally well alongside the clients personnel and our remote and semi remote systems once again proved to be ideally suited to this once very hazardous man entry tank and vessel cleaning task.”

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