Gas Cooler Cleaned Ready for IRIS Inspection

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Bespoke unblocking and polishing heads provide 360° surface contact

A High Pressure Compressor Discharge Cooler on a North Sea platform developed leaks. To establish the extent of damage there was a need to unblock and clean the tube bores in preparation for full Eddy Current and IRIS inspection. Tube Tech were asked to mobilise quickly with the remit that no one knew what level or how much fouling would be found in the tubes – come prepared for the worst was the brief from the client.


    • 800 tube gas cooler with unknown levels or types of fouling.
    • Client needed the deposit to be removed from the tubes bores, the tubes to be dried to allow Eddy Current and then IRIS inspection to be performed.
    • Client assumed there was a serious potential of some tubes leaking due to contained cross contamination.
    • Client was looking for effectiveness, speed, efficiency of operatives, equipment for all eventualities and above all safety.
    • Previous cleans on similar equipment did not allow full inspection as desired.


  • An initial flood test inspection of the gas cooler showed two leaking tubes.
  • Tube Tech used bespoke unblocking heads to remove the deposits from the tube bores whilst simultaneously polishing the bores.
  • All tubes cleaned and confirmed as very acceptable for IRIS inspection.
  • The tubes were then dried.
  • Eddy Current and IRIS inspections were performed to provide the client with a clear idea of the integrity of the remaining gas cooler tubes.

Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, Technical Sales Manager: “Having a team of offshore trained operatives ready to mobilise at short notice was a big bonus for this client. We were able to clean and achieve the desired standard quickly, and above all safely, allowing very searching inspection to take place. Ensuring the platform’s shutdown progressed with the minimum of downtime and no incident was paramount”.

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