Lube Oil Cooler Cleaned with darTT

Lube oil cooler Morning cleaning information

darTT system cleans 1240 tubes in one shift

This 1188 MW power station in the UK required a fast and efficient clean of their titanium lube oil cooler during their summer outage. The station is capable of supplying over 1.5 million homes and supplies 3% of the UK’s entire electricity needs. The cleaning of the lube oil cooler was essential to maintain the power stations maximum output levels.


The horizontal lube oil cooler consists of a hollow shell with 1240 tubes running through it. Sea water flows inside the shell of the cooler and around the outside of the tubes while the lube oil flows inside the tubes. The water and lube oil never make physical contact. As the water flows through the shell side of the cooler, it picks up heat from the lube oil through the tubes. This cools the lube oil and warms the cooling water as it leaves the cooler. The lube oil must be maintained within a specific operating band to ensure optimum equipment performance. A 0.2mm scale had developed within the cooling water tubes which began to reduce their cooling capacity.


Always looking for new and improved cleaning methods Tube Tech rejected the traditional method of high pressure water jetting in favour of it’s specially designed darTT cleaning system. The darTT is fired using high volume low pressure water and is then collected at the end of the tube along with the debris it has cleared. Due to its unique blade design the Tube Tech darTT system provides a uniform cleaning of each and every tube which retards pitting and improves the tube surface condition. This exclusive cleaning system helps to extend tube life, helps to achieve performance improvements and cleans tubes to a standard suitable for good inspection results. Tube Tech’s innovative darTT features a spring loading and the ability to suit the blade radius to the exact i/d of the tubes. The darTT system negates the need for high pressure water and means that more tubes can be cleaned more quickly. At this power station the 1240 tubes within the lube oil cooler were cleaned to Eddy Current inspection standard within a one day shift where traditional high pressure water jetting would have taken at least 3-4 days.

Tube Tech Comment

Tube Tech Technical Sales: “We were able to clean the entire lube oil cooler quickly and effectively using the Tube Tech darTT system. Our client was exceptionally pleased with the results and we look forward to cleaning the lube oil cooler every two years from now on”.

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