Pipeline Clean On Liquid Chlorine Plant

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Access difficulties overcome at liquid chlorine manufacturing plant

A drop in production rates was the result of sludge deposits in a 36-inch chlor liquid chlorine manufacturing plant. Before Tube Tech’s involvement, the client had developed various options for gaining access to the internal of the piping system, including cutting a section out to allow for manned entry. Tube Tech created a better solution by combining several of its own innovative methods.


  • Carry over of the sludge in the gas main caused regular fouling of system filters and the increasing frequency with which they were having to be replaced meant maintenance costs were unacceptably high.
  • Another major hurdle to overcome was the presence of two 90° and two 45° bends with “dog legs” in the 40 metre-long nominal bore pipe. If these were ignored or not cleaned to the same standard as the rest of the pipe, puddles of debris remaining in the bends would have continued corroding the pipe.
  • Careful handling coupled with speed was needed to prevent the effluent being transformed into sulphuric acid, which could also attack, and even dissolve, the pipe.


  • Traditional descaling methods confine the majority of cleaning energy to the centre of the pipe with little activity reaching the walls. Tube Tech’s rotational Hydrowhip™ system ensures the process is equally effective on the pipe wall where cleaning is most needed. Bends are negotiated with the addition of Tube Tech’s bespoke nozzle and head accessories.
  • Requiring less water for the desired results, the use of the Hydrowhip™ avoided the danger of spillage through too much effluent being generated too quickly. Then working in two shifts Tube Tech’s highly trained-team produced a clean to the maximum standard with the first sweep.

Tube Tech Comment

The Ineos Chlor Project Manager said: “We were under a great deal of pressure to get the job done safely and effectively within a short shutdown window. Tube Tech was able to respond and carry out the work in two 12 – hour shifts. We achieved what we set out to do. The main was cleaned to the plant team’s specified standards and there were no SHE related incidents. Tube Tech gave us the confidence to tackle the project and the results were deemed a great success.”

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