Tube Tech International Ltd employs a team of skilled and experienced operatives who approach every contract with a professionalism and proficiency rarely found within the specialist cleaning industry.

All team members are highly trained with the majority being qualified to work offshore, in confined spaces and at height. All team members are experienced in working with dangerous materials.

The onsite Tube Tech operatives are supported by a highly efficient administrative team at the Tube Tech head office which ensures that communication with clients is continuous before, during and after the contract.

Mike Watson

CEO and Technical Director

Founder and inventive visionary Mike’s belief is that convention should always be challenged to find a better way to achieve improved results. This never say never approach led to him establishing Tube Tech in the 1980’s. If people say it can’t be done then my approach to prove them wrong and find a solution! Says Mike “We continue to invest in technology development leading the world in new cleaning methodology”.

Jon Camp

Managing Director

Jon recently joined the company bringing a wealth of experience & successful Directorships with him. With an extensive history of driving change and growth in various industry sectors his financial and operational background will hold him in good steady development of the company globally.

dustry sectors his financial and operational background will hold him in good steady development of the company globally.

Martin Byford

Operations Director

Martin Byford joined Tube Tech in 1999, bringing his extensive industrial PLC experience to the company. Martin manages the entire operational side of the company. Martin works closely with Mike on international contracts ensuring complex contracts and logistics are organised with military precision and that each client’s requirements are met.

Scott Donson

Regional Sales Manager

Scott is a walking encyclopedia on all things oil, gas and powers and having joined the company nearly 20 years ago he has been sharing his expert knowledge with leading companies in these industries across the world.

Christian Chanel

Regional Sales Manager

Following a successful career in the engineering sector. Christian now provides expert assistance in a developing North American market. Customer Service is paramount to Christian and his willingness to visit clients premises to survey their cleaning challenges and provide detailed questions on the best working methods.

Stephen Sale

Sales Support

With over 30 years experience in the Oil and Gas Industries, Stephen provides invaluable support to both external and internal clients. Will review wit Technical team the enquiry document and determine with the project drawings and site survey the validity of the opportunity and establish the cleaning technologies available.

Louise Struh

Administration Support

Louise has recently joined the company to provide support to ‘Human Resources, PR + Marketing liaison and contracts!!’ She as a customer service background so sets the standard in efficiency and diplomacy.

Val Rayment

Contracts Support

Val is another long serving member of the Team and also supports the finance Team and acts as a PA to the CEO! She ensures that all project team members have the correct visas, immunistations, work permits, safety certificates, qualifications and documentation to comply with the clients site and country requirements.

Ken McMahon

Workshop Manager

Once a cleaning job has been surveyed or quoted, Ken and his team help select or design the right solution for the job. Ken ensures all equipment that is or might be required is assembled, calibrated, run up before every project and dispatched. Ken ensures that all team members have the correct visas, immunisations, work permits, safety certificates, qualifications and documentation to comply with the client’s site and country requirements.

Liz Hunt

Contracts Administrator

With many years’ experience of managing large teams of contractors, Liz is the expert when it comes to the administration and supply for each Tube Tech contract, wherever in the world it takes place. Nothing moves in or out of Tube Tech without Liz knowing about it, and she ensures all contracts are recorded accurately.

Richard Hayward

IT Manager

From iPads and databases to monitors and security cameras, Richard is responsible for all IT across Tube Tech. Richard helps the sales team and support staff work efficiently and effectively by sourcing and maintaining a raft of impressive software products. He solves all IT headaches without asking people to turn it off and switch it on again!

Carl Rushbrook

Workshop Manager

Once a project has been confirmed following a survey and quotation Carl and his team review the requirements and prepare for mobilisation. He ensures all equipment that is requires is assembled, fully maintained, calibrated and tested before dispatch.

Graham May

R&D Engineer

Graham has been Tube Tech’s resident research and development engineer for the last seven years. Prior to joining Tube Tech, he was Projection Director at a printing consumables company with responsibility for R&D. Graham is the go to man when Tube Tech is set ‘seemingly impossible’ challenges by clients from across the world.

Roy Van Hijle

Site + Technical Engineer

Roy joined Tube Tech is the Ree search and Development lead for our Vessel Cleaning project. He took on responsibility for all Development Work and has now been recently appointed into his role to insure the smooth running of each project and with his in-depth knowledge of equipment provide a new concepts to explore for both current and future cleaning methods.