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Meeting the Challenge of Process Disruption

For more than 30 years Tube Tech International has understood the impact of unforeseen or prolonged shutdowns that can potentially cost substantial loss in revenue, simply because traditional cleaning methods do not remove tenacious fouling from inaccessible heat transfer and process assets.

Two of the most common and indeed critical of these plant items are the internal and external tube surfaces of heat exchangers and fired heaters, often referred to as unfired and fired assets. Tube Tech International delivers a specialist ‘engineered’ service using innovative technology that solves this costly dilemma with minimum downtime, resulting in unprecedented energy savings, process efficiency and reduced emissions culminating in a rapid return on investment and greater profits.

Meeting the Challenge of Process Disruption
By Challenging Industry Norms

When production efficiency is affected due to unforeseen fouling, the impact on your profits can be massive. Tube Tech International solves these problems by quantifying the commercial, environmental and safety benefits to justify a bespoke approach. In other words, we brainstorm with you the benefits of our safer cleaning technologies, reducing downtime, cleaning to a higher standard, potentially with the asset left in-situ, using methods that avoid secondary waste and remove deposits. We remove even the most tenacious and inaccessible process deposits where others have tried and failed.

Bespoke Solutions

You may be relying on systems that do not always deliver the results you need or expected!
Our range of world-class technologies will deliver outstanding results. For more complex requirements, consultation with our technical team to quantify the benefits that can justify a more bespoke and cost effective solution, thereby unlocking those previously untapped savings and benefits.

Our 30 Years Anniversary Timeline

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Depending on location, we can mobilise quickly, typically within 24 to 72 hours and we will attend with a team of experienced personnel and equipment either nationally or internationally. Tube Tech International has completed many successful projects throughout the world, and has operational bases in Europe and Houston, Texas.


How clean is clean? Are you currently accepting 30, 50, 60% clean as your company’s standard? There is no API standard that exists to confirm how clean an asset is or should be. We take that burden and ensure you receive a fully operational asset that is at least 90% clean.

ASSET INTEGRITY IRIS STANDARD CLEANLINESS GUARANTEED IRIS standard cleanliness can be achieved guaranteed no matter what the deposits.

Tube Tech International International’s robotic fired heater convection bank technology provides access to areas that conventional manual lancing methods can’t reach. Our unparalleled process doesn’t just clean, it gets the surface smooth too. Rough surfaces and remaining scale provides an unwelcome key way for future fouling thereby increasing energy consumption, reduced flow and performance.

Tube Tech International International’s research and development protocol has been recognised at the highest levels of industry, and in 2018/19 a consortium, led by Tube Tech International International’s R&D team received multi-million-Euro EU Commission Horizon 2020 research and innovation Instrument Programme funding to research and develop ground-breaking solutions for the wider industry.




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