Aftercooler Unit Cleaned with Dedicated Flexible Lance System


A North Sea offshore oil platform required an innovative approach to remove hard oxide scale from within the continuous U-tubes of an Aftercooler Unit.
The client had previously tried chemical cleaning followed by high pressure water jetting (HP Jetting) but had not achieved a cleanliness standard suitable for good inspection results.
Having been referred by another client, Tube Tech used innovative cleaning technology to clean the 476 U-tubes to a standard suitable for their inspection.


  • EX-0204 Aftercooler Unit – 952 holes, 476 U-tubes.
  • Fouled with hard oxide scale, corrosion products.
  • Previously unsuccessful clean using chemicals and HP water jetting.
  • Tubes were not clean enough to enable MFL inspection.
  • Client was concerned they may have to take unit onshore to clean.
  • Cleaning contractor and all the equipment used had to be offshore certified.
After cooler unit before clean After cooler unit after clean After cooler unit Morning cleaning information


  • Esteemed client contractor recommended Tube Tech to platform operator.
  • Tube Tech used a unique nozzle design specifically for this type of application.
  • Utilisation of fully flexible lances even with accelerating turbo nozzles.
  • Tube Tech went prepared with the capability to increase pressures above 40,000-psi should they be required.
  • Tube Tech achieved the desired results within the specified time frame.
  • Client achieved the inspection results they were looking for.

Tube Tech comment

Scott Donson, Technical Sales Manager: “All offshore contracts present a host of challenges, many of which are beyond the contractor’s control and need to be solved whilst on the run. Despite adverse weather conditions and initial water availability issues on the platform this contract was completed safely and successfully reinforcing Tube Tech’s ability to solve difficult offshore cleaning challenges .”

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