Chiller Units Returned to optimum performance

Calcium water scale removed from chiller tube


This international pharmaceutical company had previously removed their chiller set in order to clean it high pressure water jetting. Reducing down time and improving cleanliness were top priorities for their UK based operation. Having read about Tube Tech’s innovative cleaning services on the internet they asked if Tube Tech could clean the chiller set in-situ to negate removal but also achieve higher standards of cleanliness than traditional water jetting practices.


  • The chiller set cools the airstream but the pressure had dropped across the unit and been found to be 8 – 10 times higher than normal.
  • The client believed this to be due to air condensing and dust particles settling onto damp surfaces.
  • The challenge was to clean fine aluminium vanes, running on the outside without damage.
Chiller unit Chiller unit Morning cleaning information


  • The 5m x 3mm chiller tube were covered in calcium water scale up to 0.1mm thick.
  • Although the deposit itself was not hazardous the environment in which the chiller set was located was.
  • Tube Tech’s unique SafeTrak cleaning system, a remotely controlled high pressure water jetting system, ensured greater safety for Tube Tech operatives.
  • The system uses 3 separate cleaning heads to ensure 360 degree surface contact.
  • The benefits of the clean were immediately evident as soon as the chiller unit was placed back online.

Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, Technical Sales Manager: “Safety, speed and cleanliness is crucial within all industries. Water jetting of the chiller set was completed faster, safer and more effectively than any hydro jetting methods the client had used before and we look forward to cleaning other plant for this client in the near future”.

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