Condenser Tubes (Thermal Power) Cleaned and Inspected

Tubes inspection with Eddy current and Iris inspection equipment


With the supply of power a key issue in Nigeria, Tube Tech worked to extremely tight time deadlines and in extreme heat to clean and inspect 12,000 condenser tubes at the thermal power plant at Egbin.


Condenser cleaning at the site had previously been carried out by the plant operator – the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) – but there had been no quantifiable means of checking the condition of the tubes.
Fouling build in the condenser tubes had over time made the deposits harder and increasingly more difficult to remove and a gradual reduction in heat transfer and diminished condenser performance demonstrated that cleaning standards needed to be improved.

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With a vital need to rectify the situation at the plant supplying 35 per cent of Nigeria’s power needs, Tube Tech was invited to give a presentation to NEPA’s Technical Board/Committee on how the company’s innovative approach could provide higher standards of cleanliness and measure the condition of the tubes.
To carry out the cleaning and inspection operation, Tube Tech’s team members worked 12-14 hour shifts, in temperatures of 38-40°C and 70 per cent humidity. Despite having to manoeuvre in air-cooled suits for certain aspects of the work, they continued to carry on efficiently and effectively working with the site managers and engineers.
This was achieved by a combination of Tube Tech’s innovations employing several Rotaflex and Wysperflex systems to unblock and descale the most severely restricted tubes and the DarTT technology to remove any remaining scale quickly and cost effectively which returned all tubes back to bare metal and the condenser to optimum performance.
Tube Tech’s subsequent Eddy Current and Iris inspection confirmed the integrity of all the tubes which had been cleaned to the highest possible standard enabling the condenser to return to maximum efficiency. Tube Tech provided the client with sufficient information to establish a planned maintenance schedule.

Client Comment

The General Manager, Lagos Thermal Station, Egbin said “Supplying power is a key issue in Nigeria and Tube Tech was able to carry out the cleaning and inspection in a very restricted time frame. We now have substantially improved condenser performance and knowledge regarding the integrity of the tubes.”

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