Condenser Unblocked – Hard Calcium Deposit Removed

Bespoke unblocking jets assist condenser tube cleaning


Blocked tubes on a weak acid condenser were affecting production at a UK based fertiliser manufacturing plant. A traditional high pressure water jetting contractor had failed to unblock the condenser tubes and had also been unsuccessful in the cleaning of lightly scaled tubes. Tube Tech cleaned the condenser using its bespoke unblocking jets and unique WysperFlex pump.


  • Approximately 40 tubes on a weak acid condenser were believed to be blocked by a hard calcium type deposit.
  • The remaining 2041 condenser tubes has been cleaned by a traditional high pressure water jetting contractor but there was still some scale left inside the tubes.
  • The condenser featured triangular pitch tubes and is usually cleaned every three years.
Weak acid condenser cleaned Condenser ready for cleaning Morning cleaning information


  • Once on site the Tube Tech technicians found 83 condenser tubes to be completely blocked with calcium scale.
  • Using their SafeTrak jetting unit with their WysperFlex pump the Tube Tech team successfully cleared the blocked tubes and then removed the scale from the additional tubes quickly and effectively.

Tube Tech comment

Peter Lord, Technical Sales at Tube Tech: “The client was pleased with our ability to unblock the tubes quickly, the safe working practices of our technicians and the fact that their condenser was back online quicker than expected.”

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