95% Blockage Removed from Brewery Evaporator


The UK’s largest private brewing company had not realised how much more efficient they could be by applying some simple cleaning techniques to their evaporator. Tube Tech, using innovative technology and techniques, were able to clean the evaporator back to production standard increasing its efficiency.


  • Vertical evaporator – 76 tubes, 5000mm length, 57.2 I.D
  • Triangular pitch tubes
  • 95% blocked with hard but brittle sugar
  • Client became aware that more energy was being used to generate heat needed to run the evaporator.
Brewery evaporator before tube tech clean Evaporator being cleaned Evaporator being cleaned Brewery evaporator after tube tech clean Morning cleaning information


  • Severe blockages meant Tube Tech opted for technology incorporating ultra-high pressure water jetting.
  • Using their innovative Flexifeed system Tube Tech was able to quickly and effectively remove the sugar from throughout the evaporator.
  • Always mindful of the health and safety risks associated with ultra high pressure water jetting Tube Tech used their unique SafetyBoss which prevents flexible lances leaving the tube unintentionally.
  • The evaporator was cleaned back to production standard and showed a significant increase in efficiency following the clean.

Tube Tech comment

Gareth Gillings, Technical Sales: “The client was very pleased with our high safety standards and the effective evaporator clean. The efficiency increase shows how much impact the blockages were having on the breweries production levels. We look forward to working with the brewery again in the future.”

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