Fin Fan Tube Bore Cleaning for IRIS Inspection

Specialist UHP (Ultra High Pressure) Jetting Used to Clean and Polish Tubes


A UK gas terminal that receives and processes natural gas required a specialist clean of a Meth Still Condenser ready for IRIS inspection to confirm integrity. The client had tried traditional cleaning contractors prior to contacting Tube Tech.

Gas terminal Morning cleaning information


  • Hard tenacious deposits restricting IRIS probe from passing and therefore not giving accurate results.
  • Duty usually clean and non-fouling.
  • Previous attempts by standard cleaning contractors to achieve tube bore cleanliness suitable for IRIS inspection had not been successful despite their use of UHP (ultra-high pressure) water jetting.


  • Tube Tech inspected tubes using video probe prior to start collecting images of the fouled tubes and providing feedback that the issue was with fouling rather than any other potential contaminant.
  • Fully flexible SafeJet lance system with specialist descaling, cleaning and polishing heads was used along coupled to a bespoke Wysper unit.
  • Tube Tech also used their unique SafetyBoss system to counteract any hydraulic action of the lance meaning more focus on cleaning and safer working environment for personnel.
  • Tubes were cleaned and polished as client needed to do IRIS inspection and others have failed to provide the cleanliness standard
  • Any anomalies in the bore were inspected using a video probe to obtain images and provide documented photographic report.

Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, Technical Sales Manager: “Cleaning in preparation for IRIS inspection is one of our specialist services where we excel, we were pleased to work with this client and demonstrate that there are specific cleaning and descaling tasks where specialist contractors need to be used so that a client can unlock potential replacement savings, this unit would have been scraped and replaced at great cost without Tube Tech intervention. The IRIS inspectors were impressed with the level of cleanliness we were able to achieve.”

Client Comment

Operations Support Supervisor: “Just wanted to let you know that your guys did a great job for us this week, working safely and conscientiously to get the tubes clean for the IRIS inspection.”

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