Furnace Vapour Line – In-Situ Clean Of U-Bend Pipework

Multiple Systems Used to Remove Hard Coke


Excessive cost and downtime created by cutting, removing and re-welding of furnace vapour pipework in order to remove hard coke at a large UK petrochemical plant gave Tube Tech the chance to prove once again that their bespoke-articulated cleaning system could remove the hardest coke deposits from furnace vapour pipework not only quickly but also in-situ and without mechanical intervention.

Furnace pipeline before cleaning External view of furnace Morning cleaning information


  • Crack gas pipework on furnaces (3 pipes with 2 bends each including T-Section) fouled with hard coke deposits.
  • Client had been cold cutting the pipes, using cranes to hold and lower to cleaning bay, cleaning with super high pressure water jets, then craned again to locate, hold, re-weld and test.
  • Largest amount of deposit located in U-bend section of pipes.
  • Deposit description stated “.. requires hammer and chisel to remove”.


  • Using a multi-system Tube Tech removed the deposits from all 3 pipes in-situ without breaking or cutting the pipe.
  • Bespoke-articulated cleaning heads provided 360° surface contact as deposit levels varied at different parts of the pipe.
  • In addition to the 3 furnace pipes Tube Tech also cleaned the pipe work that connects the 3 pipes located on an upper level of the unit.
  • Tube Tech inspected the pipes after cleaning to further satisfy not only their operators but the client also providing a documented record for the site maintenance team.

Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, Technical Sales Manager: “Cleaning severely fouled furnaces that others struggle with is our global speciality. The client is always guaranteed to save time and money by cleaning in-situ instead of dismantling. Removing the need for the age old cutting, lifting, cleaning, lifting, re-welding scenario was of immense benefit to this particular client and we are delighted with the positive feedback from this company.”

Client Comment

Plant Planning Manager: “Tube Tech exceeded the expectations of all the plant personnel. We were won over by their achievements.”

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