Gas Coolers Returned to Production Standard

Client gains excellent IRIS inspection results after Tube Tech clean


Better through put and the ability to get good inspection results were the top priorities for a chlorine derivative and general chemical plant in the north of England. Their gas cooler had previously been removed to clean using high pressure water jetting and the client was looking for an in-situ cleaning solution.

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  • The crumbly deposit on the 5.6m x 14.85mm tubes became hygroscopic and gooey once opened to the atmosphere.
  • The gas cooler, used to transport dry chlorine gas, was one of 8 units on the site and the speed of the cleaning operation was crucial to the maintenance of the production level.


  • Using their unique multi-Safetrak with its low water consumption (reducing the clients effluent disposal costs) Tube Tech were able to clean the gas cooler in just one day.
  • The twin lance system cleaned the gas cooler in-situ and enabled the client to gain excellent IRIS inspection results.
  • During the contract Tube Tech were also able to demonstrate the effectiveness of their new tube darTT system.
  • This system is able to clean a wide range of tube based plant equipment and greatly reduce both down time and noise levels in minutes rather than hours or even days.

Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, Technical Sales Manager: “We had completed several contracts on this site and our safe and effective working practices had been recognised by the plant owners. Our ability to clean the gas cooler in-situ meant delays to the plant production schedule were kept to a minimum and that the inspection results could be obtained immediately”.

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