Heater Blocked With Glucose

Effective Cleaning Increases Flowrate


An international producer of food and agricultural products contacted Tube Tech when they noticed a significant performance drop in a starch slurry heater at their Manchester site. Tube Tech were requested and able to mobilise quickly. Their cleaning techniques helped to significantly improve the flow rate of the heater.


  • 25% of the 290 tubes on vertical triangular pitch heater believed to be blocked
  • Deposit was said to be varied but mostly very hard carbonised glucose
  • Thickness of deposit unknown
  • Heater performance had dropped by 50% so heavy deposits were expected
  • Heater last cleaned in 2009
Starch slurry heater Fast and effective cleaning of food processing heater Sit of starch slurry heater Morning cleaning information


  • Tube Tech selected for the contract as their techniques meant heater could be cleaned quicker than methods offered by traditional contractors which were rigid and of higher pressure.
  • Using the Tube Tech unique Wysperpump and SafeFlex systems coupled with unique unblocking/polishing heads, which provide a 360° surface contact, Tube Tech was able to unblock all tubes and thoroughly clean the whole unit in the time quoted.
  • Contract was completed in under 1 day.

Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, Technical Sales Manager: “Our cleaning techniques are ideally suited to clients who not only need to clean equipment as quickly as possible, but in addition achieve cleanliness standards which equal or exceed those of others who take longer. We were pleased to have been able to solve this cleaning challenge.”

Client Comment

Manager: “I was very pleased with the work that was carried out. Your team were well prepared and embraced our site rules and procedures after the induction with no fuss. I think we found around 25% of the tubes hard plugged at the bottom. Your kit easily cleared what was there (carbonized material) and we have increased the flowrate through the exchanger by around 80m3/hr.”

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