Paint Removal – Cured Paint Removed from Grills and Skids

In situ cleaning improves production plant site safety


Working with one of the world’s most famous names in agricultural vehicles meant the Tube Tech teams showing a great deal of versatility. They were able to fulfil a number of roles at a plant where scores of agricultural vehicles roll off the production line each week for worldwide distribution.


  • During the production process tractors are sprayed with paint and over spray from the paint booths adheres to the grilled base of the booth as well as the skids upon which the tractors are transported.
  • This clearly has an impact on plant operational efficiency and safety.
  • Trip and slip hazards are created and if paint is allowed to build up, air flows in the booth are affected.
  • The grilles and skids were just two of a number of cleaning functions carried out on equipment at the plant.
Jetting of fouled grills Grills and skids stacked for cleaning Fouled skids Close up paint on skids Morning cleaning information Fouled skids Paint Removal by Cleaning Specialists Tube Tech Grills Cleaned by Tube Tech


  • The walkway grills and tractor skids were transported to Tube Tech’s headquarters where the hardened paint was removed returning them all to bare metal by use of a dual cleaning process.
  • This work can also be performed in situ at a client’s plant as both Pyroblast and WysperJet systems are mobile units.
  • The Pyroblast oven which uses dry heat by a novel inclusion of an environmental blast media at high temperature.
  • This is followed by a manual or semi automated super high-pressure WysperJet water jetting at 60,000 psi.
  • Pyroblast is a process in which a chemical change is effected by heat.
  • Other work carried out by Tube Tech teams at the site included cleaning combustion chambers in paint stoving ovens.
  • Carrying out this work in situ and at weekends avoided disruption to production. Tube Tech staff carried out a major pre-startup clean.
  • Other Tube Tech contracts have included high-pressure cleaning of heat exchangers and fuel tanks.

Tube Tech Comment

Martin Byford, Operations Director: “Flexibility and versatility have always been our forte and that has been proven in the diverse work that we have successfully carried out at CNH UK.”

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