Paint Removal – SafeblasTT Hard Deposit from Boiler Tubes

Concrete like deposit removed from fouled tubes at paper mill


Finding Tube Tech via a simple internet search, a 520,000 tonne capacity paper mill needed specialist help to clean badly fouled tubes within its fairly new boiler.


  • The badly fouled tubes had to be cleaned using a dry system as the refractory within the boiler would be damaged if it became wet.
  • Heat from the furnace within the mill is used to heat the tubes but the ash carry over from the furnace had mixed with moisture in the air and then adhered to the tubes.
  • The challenge with the contract was using a completely dry system which was strong enough to remove the deposit but was not going to re-profile or damage the tubes creating a new key for future deposits.
  • The boiler had been run from new so the client had not yet needed to clean it.
  • The client’s internet search for reliable and efficient specialist cleaning contractors kept bringing up Tube Tech’s name. Further review of our case studies convinced the client that we were the right choice for this challenging cleaning contract.
Badley fouled tubes at 52,000 tonne paper mill The concrete like deposit had to be cleaned with a dry system SafeBlasTT was able to clean tubes and thus return the mill to full production Morning cleaning information SafeBlasTT from Cleaning Specialists Tube Tech


  • Tube Tech’s detailed questionnaire and pre-contract site visits revealed that 300 mainly vertical tubes were covered in a 5-50mm concrete like deposit which was spread evenly on the upper parts of the tubes and hung like stalactites in other areas.
  • When deposit characteristics are a little unknown Tube Tech’s operatives will very often take a selection of cleaning systems with them as the type and hardness of deposits can differ within one piece of equipment.
  • The combination of speed and standard of cleanliness achieved indicated that the safeblasTT with organic blast medium would effectively remove the deposit without altering the profile of the tubes.
  • The medium was also successfully used to remove the ash deposit on the walls of the boiler.

Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, Technical Sales Manager: “The build up on the tubes and walls was hard and stubborn but we knew that our wide range of blasting techniques would remove it and were pleased to finish the contract quickly and to the satisfaction of our client. Hopefully this case study will help other companies find us on the internet so that we can clean the impossible for them too.”

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