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Unique abrasives steam removes resin from varied surfaces


An internal production area within a Suffolk-based plant had become coated with polymers used in the manufacture of paints for the automotive industry.


  • Some of the resin had cured, hardening into a state where innovative measures were required to remove the almost immovable layers.
  • An additional problem was a soft and pliable resin.
  • Tube Tech’s brief was to remove as much of both the hard and soft deposits as possible within a five-day shutdown period at the plant.
Floor being cleaned with 40,000 PSI jetting Floor showing before and after results using 40,000 PSI jetting Morning cleaning information


  • Using the ultra low-volume water WysperJet system combined with a unique food-grade abrasives stream Tube Tech transformed an area of 300 square metres of the concrete, steel and stainless steel manufacturing area into a bright, nearly new area for production.
  • The WysperJet method proved measurably more efficient in removing polymer deposits than the slow dry ice method previously used at the plant.
  • It resulted in an extremely high-standard of clean for the area involved.
  • No damage to any substrate was caused and no secondary waste created.
  • Water volumes were as low as 2.5 litres per minute.

Tube Tech Comment

Mike Watson, Managing & Technical Director: “The client’s objective was for us to remove as much deposit as possible in the shortest time period and we did that alongside a very high standard of clean. Traditional Dry Ice is notoriously slow and can be costly due to the high volume of dry ice pellets required. Even though our own FastIce version is 10 times quicker it is no match for the WysperJet. As a result of this innovation we have won further contracts with this client.”

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