Pre-Commission Clean for Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Dryer, cyclone and ductwork cleaned despite difficult access


This multinational biotechnology innovator, has research and pharmaceutical manufacturing operations at 70 locations in 30 countries world-wide. The company’s European plant is predominately a bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, unique in that it encompasses expert technical and administrative support functions.


Following a major multi million investment in the facility, part of the plant was switching over to manufacture a completely new drug. The production process plant and equipment therefore required thorough cleaning to remove manufacturing residues which could contaminate the product. The standard required to achieve the appropriate state of cleanliness without any risk of cross-contamination was extremely exacting. The construction of the dryer, cyclone and associated ductwork to be cleaned, presented particular access problems. After several disappointing experiences with other cleaning contractors the company contacted Tube Tech to carry out a series of paid cleaning trials which were exceptionally successful. Tube Tech then completed a number of contracts for the company and were pleased to be called on for the complete plant clean.

Glass lined vessel to be cleaned Equipment to be cleaned Morning cleaning information


  • Tube Tech were initially contracted to clean the plant listed below:
  • Product crude feed line
  • Centrifuges and associated pipe work
  • Spray dryer, spray lances and associated pipe work
  • Small bore nitrogen and recovered water lines
  • Recycled waste pipelines
  • Extracted water lines
  • Outlet pipes from glass sided vessels
  • Glass lined vessels

The company were so impressed by the success and speed of Tube Tech’s techniques they added:

  • Filtrate tanks
  • Wash tanks plus associated pipe work and pump
  • Pneumatic conveying system and associated pipe work

Due to the large variety of plant to be cleaned Tube Tech utilised a selection of their 43 unique cleaning systems. Techniques used included chemical, ultrasound, pigging, high and ultra high pressure water jetting and remote cleaning systems for plant where access was restricted.

The plant pre-commissioning project was completed in 9 night shifts. Each piece of equipment cleaned was approved by the client following swab tests.

Tube Tech Comments

Tube Tech Sales Technician: “Our commitment to excellence and our ability to provide solutions to all challenges ensured that this pharmaceutical plant was commissioned for the new product on time and within budget”.

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