Tall Oil Heater Tube Nest – Oil Deposit Removed

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Innovative High Pressure Water Jetting Removes Reduces Downtime

A biomass power station in the South of England required a rapid response clean of a tall oil heater tube nest following a mechanical failure on the site. Tenacious oil deposits had settled within the tube bores and needed to be removed prior to inspection to identify the location of the mechanical failure. Tube Tech were able to mobilise quickly and using innovative high pressure water jetting technology cleared the deposits ready for inspection.


  • Mechanical failure had caused oil on shell side of heater to mix with water on tube side of heater.
  • Oil deposit fouling within 120 tubes.
  • The characteristics of the fouling changed when heat was applied.
  • Fast and effective cleaning required ready for inspection to identify location of mechanical failure.
  • High level of cleaning required for searching inspection and to maximise performance and efficiency.


  • Quick mobilisation was crucial as fast cleaning was essential to return the power station to operation.
  • Tube Tech used their innovative U-Tube MicroFlex™ system with high pressure water jetting to unblock the tubes.
  • The tube bores were a smaller ID than originally specified by the client but the Tube Tech technicians were able to reconfigure their unique high pressure water jetting systems quickly.
  • Client was delighted by speed of mobilisation and blockage removal service.

Tube Tech Comment

Gareth Gillings, Technical Sales. “We appreciated the urgent nature of this clients request and were able to initiate our rapid response service. A combination of innovative technology and highly trained technicians helped us reduce our clients downtime by seven days – always a positive within the power sector.”

Client Comment

Lead Maintenance Engineer: “The High Pressure Jet Washing of the tube nest was successful and achieved the desired result. Subsequent pressure testing of the tube nest identified one defective tube. I estimate the pressure washing process will reduce downtime by seven days.”

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