Tank Cleaned Back to Bare Metal with WysperJet System

Taint of fish oil removed without the need for chemical cleaning


There was initial skepticism from the client, a world-leading name in major processing, when Tube Tech promised to get rid of the taint of fish oil, without the use of chemicals, from a tank interior at its Essex location.


  • Two tanks were fouled with the taint of fish oil.
  • The client wanted to avoid the use of chemicals if possible.
  • The client was also concerned that waste might be generated too quickly and might spill over.
Exterior of tank Severe scale on tank walls Tank access Severe scale on tank walls Morning cleaning information


  • Tube Tech’s innovative approach provided the solution to the problem in tandem with the company’s WysperJet technology.
  • Overcoming the usual water pressure restrictions, the Tube Tech team operated at 3,000 BAR pressure with a unique twin, lightweight orbital, magnetic head to increase speed and safety plus a mounted “gimble” which ensured total safety for the operator.
  • Requiring less water for the desired results, the use of the WysperJet avoided the danger of spillage through too much effluent being generated too quickly.
  • Then working in two shifts Tube Tech’s highly-trained tank cleaning team produced a clean to the maximum standard with the first sweep.
  • Tube Tech succeeded in removing the taint of fish oil from two tanks.
  • The process was not only less costly than chemical cleaning, but also won on environmental grounds as toxic chemicals and subsequent waste were not generated.
  • This eliminated the problem of caustic effluent disposal at the end of the project.
  • The Tube Tech tank cleaning operation also took the interior of the tank back to “white” bare metal and daily inspection showed there was no need to go back over any previously cleaned section.

Tube Tech Comment

Ken McMahon, Workshop Foreman: “We do encounter client skepticism about our methods but we prove our point through the end result which in this case was exceptional. Through methods that we have tried and tested at our own premises, the client ended up with tremendous results.”

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