Vessel (Reactor) – Polymer Removed from Tank Safely and Quickly

Environmentally safe chemical clean benefits petrochemical plant


The UK plant of an international petrochemical company was looking for a fast and more importantly safe system to clean 4 tanks that were fouled with polymer resin. Tube Tech’s exemplary safety record and extensive tank cleaning experience meant they were ideally suited for this challenging contract.


  • Four vessels used in polymer melt phase of plant operations.
  • Tube Tech told that deposit was max 5mm thickness and easy to remove.
  • Deposit actually found to be very hard and well adhered requiring several passes to remove.
  • Client concerned that thick deposits covering floor and heater coils may find way into system and product.
  • Floors of the tanks were very uneven further increasing the hazardous conditions of the contract.
  • Four tanks had to be cleaned within 3 × 12 hour shifts.
Heater coils prior to cleaning Vessel access point Deposit during removal Hard deposit well adhered to tank walls Morning cleaning information


  • Tube Tech arranged for two teams to work simultaneously in order to meet clients deadline.
  • Tube Tech’s confined space trained technicians and full vessel entry equipment allowed safe man entry.
  • Technicians suggested cleaning from central seam downwards then cleaning floor, coils and dosing points in light of clients concern of deposit entering system.
  • Bespoke nozzles and expandable lances — ideally suited to tight areas — were used in conjunction with Tube Tech Wysperjets.
  • All four tanks were cleaned to production standard as requested by the client.

Tube Tech Comments

Scott Donson, Area Sales Manager: “Time scales were tight and the conditions within the tank were fairly hazardous but with due care our technicians were able to complete the contract safely and on time. Over the past few years we have developed an enviable reputation in the removal of polymer not only from within tanks and vessels but also from heat transfer equipment.”

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