Aircraft Cleaning Using Laser

Tube Tech’s laser cleaning system solves one of the most challenging tasks in aerospace industry. Laser energy has minimal impact on the substrate and leaves no residue behind.

All other mainstream aircraft paint removal methods (i.e. chemical stripping or plastic media blasting), can only be used on 95% of the aircraft surface.

The Tube Tech mobile handheld laser cleaning system can be used to remove the paint from the remaining 5% surface area, while the larger Tube Tech laser cleaning system can quickly and effectively clean the larger surface areas.

The applications for which the Tube Tech laser cleaning system is currently used within the aviation industry include:

  • Precise paint removal on new parts
  • Selective or full paint removal during aircraft maintenance
  • Activation of carbon fibre composite for aircraft and helicopters
  • Part cleaning
  • Mold cleaning

Tube Tech has extensive experience working with clients who demand discretion and confidentiality and can provide and sign non-disclosure and highly stringent confidentiality agreements.

Please contact us to discover how our innovative laser cleaning technology can clean your aircraft.




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