Mike Watson Short-listed For Institute Of Directors Award

TubeTech are delighted to announce that Mike Watson, founder and CEO of the world’s leading provider of Heat Exchangers and Process Plant cleaning, has been short-listed for the prestigious East of England “Director of the Year” award, governed by the Institute of Directors.

Turbine Blade cleaning by Tube Tech

Turbine Blade Cleaning

Appreciating the fine balance needed on turbine blades Tube Tech has designed the FastIce™ to clean turbine blades. The system uses bespoke CO2 pellets propelled using an extremely high pressure…

One of the two 10 metre tall bitumen storage tanks

Tank and Vessel Cleaning

Tube Tech’s tank cleaning and vessel cleaning specialists can enter tanks and vessels, provide remote tank cleaning or provide a non man entry tank cleaning system and understand the benefits of each tank cleaning method.

Dehydrator Cleaning Specialists Tube Tech

Dehydrator Cleaning

Tube Tech provides a Dehydrator Cleaning Service which is second to none, using a biodegradable, non-abrasive, non-flammable and phosphate free medium. The expert service provided by the Tube Tech team…

Tube tech was able to work in half of the condenser while the other half remained online

Condenser Cleaning

To achieve a high standard of condenser cleaning Tube Tech is able to utilise a variety of cleaning systems which will improve the vacuum and heat transfer rate.

Fin fan cleaning on Hexacool ACC

ACC (Air Cooled Condensers) Cleaning

If your Air Cooled Condensers (ACC) are not operating to their optimum performance, your business is losing money. Tube Tech’s innovative ACC cleaning service helps lower production rates…

U-Tube exchanger after cleaning with ShellJeTT

U-Tube (Hairpin) Heat Exchanger Cleaning

From clearing blocked hairpins on a titanium heat exchanger for petrochemical plants in Saudi Arabia to polishing the metal on the hairpins of an unusual, aluminium tubed, furfural exchanger …

Refinery flare line

Flare Line Cleaning

Tube Tech’s research and development department have developed unique systems to clean flare lines in situ and on-line, providing clients with the opportunity…

External Shell Side Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Keeping plant equipment clear of debris and deposits is essential to maintaining efficiency and reducing running costs. The external shell side cleaning of heat exchangers is just one aspect of routine maintenance…