PlateJeTT Tackles the Toughest Fouling in Nigeria

The Challenge

A GTL plant based in Nigeria suffered heavy fouling on the tubes in its process boilers. In furnace type assets, fouling occurs when airborne particulate is sucked into a burner. This happens at a rate of 1ppm, meaning that 2.5 tonnes of debris can be transferred through a single burner every year, some of which will deposit inside the asset itself and adhere to the tube surfaces. The dust from this particular environment (Harmattan wind) is sucked in and burnt onto the surface of the tubes.

Tube Tech International Ltd. (TTIL) had cleaned the asset three years previously and were called upon again to complete another thorough clean of the external surface of the tubes keeping the asset at optimal performance.


A team of experienced TTIL technicians were mobilised during a planned turnaround. Using the innovative PlateJeTT cleaning technology, the team were able to reach between the tube rows and access the surface of every individual tube through both square and triangular pitches. Conventional cleaning methods are unable to access the deeper layers of the tubes. TTIL’s precise and efficient method also eliminates the use of harmful chemicals, which can often compound the issue of fouling.


PlateJeTT technology from TTIL has been engineered for a far superior clean compared to traditional fouling removal methods. The system is more economical, productive and environmentally sustainable as a result of TTIL’s extensive investment in research and development. The client has reported a reduction in stack temperature which will result in a significant return on investment over time and a dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions.

TTIL is the industry-leading fouling removal specialist. If fouled assets are impacting your process performance, contact us to increase your throughput and profit today.

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