TTIL Performs Tube Side Texas Tower Clean in Freezing Temperatures

The Challenge

An oil refinery based in Oklahoma, U.S. required a tube side clean of its Texas Tower during a planned shutdown. Tube Tech International were called in during an emergency shutdown in 2017, and after fantastic results, were called back recently to complete a thorough clean of the asset.

The TTIL team battled freezing temperatures which caused pumps and pipes to freeze as well as safety issues with ice build-up onsite.


Despite the icy conditions, TTIL’s team of cleaning experts used LTs and coiler equipment to clean the asset in-situ from the bottom upwards. This bespoke solution has been developed to achieve a superior clean, with more than 90% of fouling being removed, compared to less than 50%, as an industry standard.

The highly engineered equipment has been designed to protect valuable materials within the asset, removing the risk of costly damage and subsequent repairs.


More than 90% of the Texas Tower tube side fouling was removed. TTIL’s advanced cleaning methods have seen a dramatic increase in functionality and productivity of the asset and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Tube Tech International is the heat exchanger cleaning specialist. If fouled heat exchangers are impacting your process performance, contact us to increase your throughput and profit today.

Images and videos associated with this project are available via Tube Tech International
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