Weak acid condenser cleaned

Condenser Unblocked – Hard Calcium Deposit Removed

Bespoke unblocking jets assist condenser tube cleaning Summary Blocked tubes on a weak acid condenser were affecting production at a UK based fertiliser manufacturing plant. A traditional high pressure water jetting contractor had failed to unblock the condenser tubes and had also been unsuccessful in the cleaning of lightly scaled tubes. Tube Tech cleaned the […]

LNG Condenser after cleaning and polisihing

LNG Condenser Tubes Polished on Plant in Asia

Mineral deposits removed prior to inspection Summary Having experienced Tube Tech’s successful cleaning of LNG condenser tubes on a Middle East LNG site this Asian LNG plant contracted Tube Tech for a specialist application on its own site. The tubes within three condensers were polished utilising Tube Tech’s innovative tailor made technology prior to the […]

Polishing tubes in Oman

LNG Condenser Tube Polishing – Polishing of 8000 Tubes – World First in the Middle East!

In-Situ removal of scale from tube bores/internal tube walls Summary A Middle East LNG plant had trialed several types of High Pressure Water Jetting techniques using various International contractors. All methods were unsuccessful in fully removing a thin film of protective coating from inside condenser tubes. The condensers would have had to be replaced if […]

Tube Tech high water pressure specialist

Condensers Tubes, Heat Exchangers and Pipelines Cleaned and Inspected in Nigeria LNG Limited

Impossible descaling task returns plant to full production Summary In competition with other service providers, Tube Tech was awarded a three-year term contract by Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) following the success of a complex fast-track descaling operation at the company’s Bonny Island processing facility. Nigeria LNG Limited is jointly owned by Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation […]

Tube Tech technician darTTing condenser

Condenser Tubes Cleaned with darTT™ Technology

Tube Tech teams employed the most technically-advanced methods to achieve the highest standards of condenser cleanliness at this UK power station. Tube Tech’s contract for the operation at the power station gave it a dual role – the cleaning of two condensers and inspection of one…

Thermal power condensers

Condenser Tubes (Thermal Power) Cleaned and Inspected

Tubes inspection with Eddy current and Iris inspection equipment Summary With the supply of power a key issue in Nigeria, Tube Tech worked to extremely tight time deadlines and in extreme heat to clean and inspect 12,000 condenser tubes at the thermal power plant at Egbin. Problem Condenser cleaning at the site had previously been […]

The sludge was removed from the condenser was a mixture of water scale and fine river silt

Condenser Clean Removes Over 300kg of Scale and Silt

Condenser Clean increases waste to energy output by 3.1mw/hr Summary The waste-to-energy plant of this UK-based company burns rubbish from the area to generate up to 12.8MW/Hr of electricity for the use of the plant and the local community. Output had fallen to 9.3MW/Hr because of the reduced efficiency of a dual steam condenser. Tube […]

Inspection of tube before clean

Sulphur Condenser Cleaned Using Dry Drilling System

Concrete like blockages removed to achieve 96% clean of condenser Summary One of the most complex refineries in the UK needed to unblock and descale a sulphur condenser blocked with concrete like deposits. Using their advanced specialist cleaning techniques Tube Tech were able to offer a dry drilling service bringing the condenser back to production […]