Drain blocked with concrete

Drain Contract – Concrete Removed from Drainage System Beneath Luxury Residence

360° Surface Contact Achieved Using Bespoke Unblocking Technology Summary Contractors redeveloping a luxury private residence in central London accidentally poured concrete and grout into the properties drainage system while constructing a swimming pool in the lower basement. An internet search looking for concrete removal specialists brought them to Tube Tech who were able to quickly […]

The drain liner had collapsed in a luxurious London suburb

Drain Contract – Collapsed Drain Liner Removal

Collapsed Liner Removed Quickly and Easily Summary A collapsed liner within a domestic cast iron waste water drain was creating havoc for the home owner and a major headache to the drain cleaning contractor. Tube Tech used their bespoke high volume high pressure water jetting techniques to remove the collapsed liner so the drain cleaning […]

Brick lodged in storm drain

Drain Contract – Brick Removal Stops Flooding Problems

Drain Contract – Brick Removal Stops Flooding Problems Bespoke technology used to unblock storm water clay drain Summary Shopkeepers in a small shopping complex in Nottingham had to contend with flooding as an engineering brick had become lodged in a storm drain. The brick had lodged at an angle which prevented the run off of […]