7 Tips For Cleaning Heat Exchangers

7 Tips For Cleaning Heat Exchangers Home » Tube Tech Ltd » 7 Tips For Cleaning Heat Exchangers Heat Exchangers Keeping heat exchangers clean is a vital aspect of routine maintenance, yet maintenance is often the poor relation of a refinery and where production often has the final say. Fouling will always build up and [...]

Cleaning and Inspection Challenges No.9

Following a recent survey of refinery operators from across the world Tube Tech have compiled the Top 10 cleaning and inspection challenges faced by the refining industry.
As a world leading specialist industrial cleaning contractor…

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Cleaning the clean- LNG

Essential Cleaning within the LNG Industry Click here to download the original article featured in LNG Industry Jan/Feb 2014 (PDF) Cleaning the clean LNG is a famously “clean” industry, but cleaning is still an essential task The LNG industry stands and falls on the purity of the product. Not only do impurities lower product value but they […]

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Tube Tech Donation

A successful VCFE/Texas Tower cleaning contract at Shell Scotford, Canada led to Tube Tech making a donation to the Rainbow Society – a leading Canadian charity which provides wish fulfilment projects to seriously ill children.   “During a conversation with a member of the Shell Scotford shutdown team the Rainbow Society was mentioned and I […]

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Cleaning Gas Coolers for Inspection

Removing deposits to provide accurate inspection results For more information click here > Ensuring gas coolers are cleaned back to bare metal in preparation for inspection is a prerequisite on all offshore oil platforms. Operators like to work with specialist cleaning contractors who work safely, have trained technicians and arrive on the platform with cleaning […]

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Be Prepared

Tube Tech: Ready for emergency offshore maintenance The right solution, trained personnel and the ability to mobilise rapidly are all key factors when asset managers for offshore platforms require a contractor to assist with critical path cleaning & inspection contracts. If the contractor has to order in special equipment or source staff with special skills […]

Boot Camp success

Boot Camp Success for Tube Tech Team

A number of Tube Tech team members were put through their paces military style at a team building day with a difference. RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk along with instructors from Essex Boot Camps welcomed 22 Tube Tech staff including senior management, administrative staff and technicians on a very hot sunny day in June. “The aim […]

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Hydrocarbon Engineering

Tube Tech were featured twice in this Global Maintenance Review – an overview of maintenance projects undertaken around the world over the past 12 months. Take a look at the article on the right side of the web page.

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VCFE/Texas Tower Cleaning Techniques

Substantially Improving Downtime, Heat Transfer and CO2 emissions   With low emissions, minimal environmental impact and high energy efficiency the Texas Tower (also known as a CCR Platformer, reformer or vertical combined feed exchanger, VCFE) is an environmentally friendly piece of heat transfer equipment found on refining and petrochemical plants throughout the world. The function […]