Product removed from pipeline

Pipeline – Solidified Fat Blockage Removed

Advanced cleaning techniques remove pipeline blockage Summary An Essex based food production Company realised that standard high pressure water jetting was not an option when a production pipeline became blocked with solidified fat. Tube Tech were able to clean the pipe, which was in excess of 200-m, back to production standard using a variety of […]

Drain blocked with concrete

Drain Contract – Concrete Removed from Drainage System Beneath Luxury Residence

360° Surface Contact Achieved Using Bespoke Unblocking Technology Summary Contractors redeveloping a luxury private residence in central London accidentally poured concrete and grout into the properties drainage system while constructing a swimming pool in the lower basement. An internet search looking for concrete removal specialists brought them to Tube Tech who were able to quickly […]

The drain liner had collapsed in a luxurious London suburb

Drain Contract – Collapsed Drain Liner Removal

Collapsed Liner Removed Quickly and Easily Summary A collapsed liner within a domestic cast iron waste water drain was creating havoc for the home owner and a major headache to the drain cleaning contractor. Tube Tech used their bespoke high volume high pressure water jetting techniques to remove the collapsed liner so the drain cleaning […]

Brick lodged in storm drain

Drain Contract – Brick Removal Stops Flooding Problems

Drain Contract – Brick Removal Stops Flooding Problems Bespoke technology used to unblock storm water clay drain Summary Shopkeepers in a small shopping complex in Nottingham had to contend with flooding as an engineering brick had become lodged in a storm drain. The brick had lodged at an angle which prevented the run off of […]

Fouling removal by Specialist Industrial Cleaning Tube Tech Intenational

Vapour Line – Heavy Fouling Removed at Italian Refinery

Coke Fouled Reactor Vapour Line Returned to Optimum Efficiency Summary With a capacity of 100,000 barrels per day, this Italian refinery produces fuels for automotive use and residential heating purposes, as well as petrochemical feedstock. The refinery contains an FCC reactor with advanced technology, two coking plants for the conversion of low grade feedstock and […]