Coiled Heat Exchanger

Serpentine Heat Exchanger Unblocking

darTT™ cleaning system avoids coil removal and cutting Summary Excessive water scaling was the cause of a number of problems at this aircraft manufacturing site. The key focus for the Tube Tech team was to tackle a blockage in critical equipment. Challenges Contamination of heavy suspended solids had completely blocked a 5-cm diameter carbon-steel heating […]

Starch slurry heater

Heater Blocked With Glucose

Effective Cleaning Increases Flowrate Summary An international producer of food and agricultural products contacted Tube Tech when they noticed a significant performance drop in a starch slurry heater at their Manchester site. Tube Tech were requested and able to mobilise quickly. Their cleaning techniques helped to significantly improve the flow rate of the heater. Challenge […]

Preliminary inspection of heat exchanger

Tubular Exchangers – Polymer Deposits Removed Using Dry Cleaning Technology

U-Tube (Hairpin) and Straight Tube Exchangers Cleaned Without Water Summary Having contracted Tube Tech to clean using ultra dry techniques on other heat transfer equipment in the past the UK plant of an international petrochemical plant knew Tube Tech were the right company to solve yet another difficult exchanger cleaning challenge. Two tubular heat exchangers […]