Laser Cleaning

De-coating of Vehicle Brake Discs by Laser

De-coating of Vehicle Brake Discs by Laser Laser cleaning for car manufacturer Summary Quality control is essential in most industries and car manufacturers are closely monitored as their safety record is crucial to their brand value and quality control. A production error which led to paint running on to braking services meant that one car manufacturing […]

Fouled skids

Paint Removal – Cured Paint Removed from Grills and Skids

Paint Removal – Cured Paint Removed from Grills and Skids In situ cleaning improves production plant site safety Summary Working with one of the world’s most famous names in agricultural vehicles meant the Tube Tech teams showing a great deal of versatility. They were able to fulfil a number of roles at a plant where […]

Floor being cleaned with 40,000 PSI jetting

Paint Removal – Varied Deposits Removed from Paint Production Area

Chiller Units Returned to optimum performance Unique abrasives steam removes resin from varied surfaces Summary An internal production area within a Suffolk-based plant had become coated with polymers used in the manufacture of paints for the automotive industry. Challenge Some of the resin had cured, hardening into a state where innovative measures were required to […]

Sluice gates before clean

Sluice Gates Cleaned and Recoated

Thick coating removed from gates & flaps on sluice system Summary All equipment needs to be maintained regularly, especially when that equipment is subjected to the rigours of tidal waters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year non-stop. When products start to near their expected life expenditure it becomes imperative […]