Chemical Cleaning

Biodegradable chemical cleaning services Tube Tech recognises the increasing desire of many industries to avoid chemical use whenever possible. As we continue to increase our awareness of the environmental damage caused by some industrial practises, the use of chemical cleaning is reducing rapidly. We will always look for an alternative method but if our clients feel that […]


Pyrolysis Cleaning Pyroblast oven offers superior cleaning results Tube Tech has developed the revolutionary Pyroblast oven which uses dry heat with the novel inclusion of an environmental blast media at high temperature. This is followed by manual or semi-automated super high-pressure WysperJet™ water jetting at 60,000 psi. Pyroblast is a process in which a chemical […]


Ultrasonic   Innovative Ultrasonic Cleaning Techniques Tube Tech’s innovative Ultrasonic Cleaning Service has the ability to remove ingrained dirt from every area of a component part without risking injury to their operators. Over the past 20 years Tube Tech has developed the expertise and experience to advise you of the best cleaning service for your […]

Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning is the most environmentally friendly way to clean or prepare surfaces as little or no waste is created during the process. Tube Tech provides the fastest laser cleaning service in the world. Laser cleaning works by ablation: the coating layer is removed as it absorbs the focused laser light. Very powerful but short laser […]

Tube Scrapers / Bullets

darTT™ Tube Scrapers Innovative Tube Cleaning Solutions Tube Tech has developed and now manufactures its unique darTT™ tube cleaning system. Keeping tubes clean has a host of benefits to you which include: Improving condenser efficiency, Restoring tubes to best working condition, Extending the life of the tubes, Effective removal of fouling, Increasing heat transfer, and Saving […]

Robotic Remote Cleaning

Safe and Effective Robotic Remote Cleaning Technology and Techniques Appreciating the need for safety and the need for non man entry cleaning services Tube Tech has developed a selection of robotic cleaning systems which ensure operator safety while providing excellent cleaning results. From coked-up bitumen storage tanks to vessels containing leaded vehicle fuel Tube Tech has successfully […]