WHRU ready for cleaning

WHRU / Hot Oil Heater Unblocked and Descaled Without Cutting

Solidly blocked tubes only accessible through header box Summary The WHRU / hot oil heater had become restricted with a thick, hard carbonised deposit. For the contractor, Demag Delaval Industrial Turbomachinery, Siemens gas turbine business in Aberdeen, there were also wider issues attached to the problem and the company needed a detailed evaluation of the […]

Multiple 180 degree bend to negotiate

Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU/Hot Oil Heater) Clean Saves £500,000

Deposits and scale extracted with novel engineering approach Summary A process malfunction involving the Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU/hot oil heater) at a gas plant resulted in contamination with oil, which had been subjected to temperatures in excess of the usual high operational norm. Tube Tech were able to avoid cutting the serpentine coil and […]