Cleaning Chiller Units Quickly and Effectively

Tube Tech can quickly and easily clean your chiller unit tubes. Tube integrity can be assessed periodically with the aid of Tube Tech’s eddy current or IRIS inspection service.

Chillers are liable to calcium scale build-up as well as tube pitting without regular maintenance.  If either of these situations occur the efficiency of the chiller is reduced significantly.


Rotaflex Chiller Cleaning

In addition to its unique cleaning service, Tube Tech also manufactures and sells a revolutionary chiller tube cleaning system called the Rotaflex.

Effective, flexible and affordable, the Rotaflex powers quickly and safely through water scale; be it calcium, phosphates, silicates and even blockages within chiller tubes.

The Rotaflex also cleans pipe work, heat exchangers, boiler tubes, flues and ductwork from 10mm to 400mm leaving them clean, clear and undamaged.

No more old-fashioned rod and brush or environmentally damaging chemicals, Tube Tech provides either the cleaning service for your chillers or you can purchase a Rotaflex system for your own use on-site now and in the future. 

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